【Artist Interview】Ms. Carolina Zarate

Today we will introduce an interview article with Carolina Zarate, an active Perma Blend ambassador from Colombia! As she also pursues her studies on the side as a medical student, she is also nominated for Best Lip Artist of the Year, let us dive more into how Carolina started her career as a PMU artist! 

本日は、コロンビアでPerma Blendアンバサダーとして活躍されているCarolinaさんのインタビュー記事をお送りします。医学生として学び、年間ベストリップアーティストにノミネートされるなど活躍されています。今日はPMUアーティストを目指したきっかけなどを聞いていきたいと思います!


Carolina Zarate

She is a Perma Blend Ambassador, medical student, a licensed cosmetologist, and makeup artist.
She was recently nominated for the PMU Global Event in Cartagena-Colombia as Best Instructor of the year, Best Lips Artist of the year and Best Eyeliner Artist of the year.


How it all started with a Microblading class

Next in PMU(以下、NP):What made you interested in Permanent Makeup and how did you begin your career in this industry? 

Carolina:When I was a makeup artist I found myself being underpaid and undermined. Looking for improvement I found myself taking my first microblading class and it was so soothing for me that I just couldn’t stop taking more classes and growing as a professional.


What does Permanent Makeup mean to you?

NP:What does Permanent Makeup mean to you?

Carolina:A simpler and meaningful way to change lives.

Areas of Expertise

NP:What is your main focus of treatment?

Carolina:I’m a lips expert with focus on male clientele and Paramedical Lips Micropigmentation for people with scars, hypopigmentation, fordyce spots, and clients with health underlying conditions.


I want to make my own line someday!

NP:What are your future prospects for your career as a PMU artist?

Carolina:As a Perma Blend ambassador I look forward to growing with the brand to be a Select Team Member and maybe even get my own line in collaboration with them sometime. As an artist, I expect to continue to help my peers to grow their health related knowledge so they can understand the role our body plays in the PMU results.
Perma Blendのアンバサダーとして、私はセレクトチームメンバーとしてブランドと共に成長し、いつかはコラボレーションで自分のラインを作ることを楽しみにしています。私はアーティストとして、同僚が健康関連の知識を深め、PMUの結果において私たちの体が果たす役割を理解できるよう支援し続けたいと考えています。

NP:We are excited about the release of your collection someday and how your line will be recognized and used by artists worldwide! We look forward to how that will help you further your career and develop your role within the PMU industry! 


Reflect and face with yourself frequently to help you grow!

NP:Can you give a message to young artists to further develop their role within the PMU industry?

Carolina:Don’t compare yourself, live your process freely and do not over touch up your procedures nor use stolen pictures from other artists to get clients, be honest with yourself, it’s hard at the beginning but it will help you grow better as a professional.


Message to Japanese PMU Artists

NP:As a final note, please leave a message for PMU artists in Japan!

Carolina:Open your eyes to the different techniques in the rest of the world, see what you can learn from the artists overseas, even if you don’t feel related or attracted to the different techniques there are always tips you can adjust to achieve the results you actually want.


Thank you so much for joining us today! We look forward to your continued success in the future!