【Artist Interview】Ms. Elizaveta Surkova

本日はPerma BlendやKWADRONなどのチームで活躍するElizavetaさんのインタビュー記事をお送りします。施術のみならず、業界を担う方への教育にも力を入れるElizaveta Surkovaさんのインタビュー、ぜひご覧ください!


Elizaveta Surkova

PERMABLEND セレクトチームアーティスト、KWADRONプロチームの一員として活動し、コンテスト審査員も務める。


Next in PMU(以下、NP):アートメイクに興味を持った理由やアートメイクでのキャリアを始めたきっかけは何ですか?

Elizaveta:女性を美しくすることが好きです。 自信を持たせること。 明るいイメージを作り、外見に関する悩みを解決し、女性を幸せにすること。そのためにアートメイクでのキャリアを始めました。






Elizaveta:アートメイク全般を手掛けています。私はリップの施術が大好きです。 乳輪を描くのも大好きです。乳房切除後の女性には、無料で施術しています。明るさを加えたい、問題を解決したい、でもとても自然にしたいといった効果を求めて、クライアントは私のところにやってくることが多いです。 







Elizaveta:常に前に進む。発展させる、学ぶ。インスピレーションを得る。そして決してあきらめないこと。 誰にでも困難はある。これは、より良くなるための経験なのです。





English ver.

Today, we present you an interview with Elizaveta Surkova, who is a part of both the Perma Blend and KWADRON teams.

Read more about Elizaveta, who not only excels in treatment but also in educating those who are foundational to this industry!


Elizaveta Surkova

She is active as a Perma Blend Select Team Artist and a member of the KWADRON Pro Team. Additionally, she is a PMU contest judge.

She has also coached for Perma Blend and KWADRON, training over 3000 students.

She currently holds close to 300 training and professional development certificates.

She has a track record of ranking in the Top for Best Lash and Brow Master and in the Top 100 for  Best Permanent Makeup Artist.

A Career That Started With the Goal to Bring Women Joy

Next in PMU(NP):What made you interested in Permanent Makeup and how did you begin your career in this industry? 

Elizaveta:I like to make women beautiful.  Give them confidence.  Create brighter images, help solve problems with appearance and make women happy.

What Does Permanent Makeup Mean to You?

NP:What does Permanent Makeup mean to you?

Elizaveta:PMU is not just a job for me.  I enjoy seeing smiles on the faces of my clients.  These are the most sincere emotions that inspire me to new stages of development.

Areas of Expertise

NP:What is your main focus of treatment?

Elizaveta:I work in all areas of permanent makeup. I love making lips. I love working with areolas.  For women after a mastectomy, I perform the procedures for free. 

More often clients come to me for the most natural effects. Who wants to add some brightness, solve problems, but make it very natural.

Sharing One's Knowledge to All

NP:What are the future prospects for your career as a PMU artist?

Elizaveta:Now I am part of the Perma Blend and KWADRON team. For me it is very valuable. I want to develop further, make more beautiful works and, of course, graduate many students. I like to teach, transfer all my knowledge to new artists.

NP:We think it is wonderful that you are putting effort into educating many of your successors, not just the treatment. We hope someday you can share your knowledge with artists in Japan.

Message to Young Artists

NP:Can you give a message to young artists to further develop their role within the PMU industry?

Elizaveta:Always go ahead. Develop, learn. Get inspired. And never give up.  Everyone has difficulties. This is our experience to get better.

Message to Japanese PMU Artists

NP:As a final note, please leave a message for PMU artists in Japan!

Elizaveta:I am very glad that our profession is developing. That there are more and more artists. I wish you grateful clients and chic works.

Thank you so much for joining us today, Elizaveta! We look forward to your continuous success!