【Artist Interview】Ms. Anna Kara

Today we are publishing an interview with Ms. Anna Kara, a PMU artist from Ukraine who had gone through many challenges and different career pathways before landing her career in the industry. She now owns her own PMU studio in San Diego and undergoes several permanent makeup procedures. 

今日は、ウクライナ出身のAnna Karaのインタビュー記事を公開します!PMUアーティストとして活躍するまで多くのキャリアチェンジや困難を乗り越えて、現在はカリフォルニア州サンディエゴでPMUのスタジオを設立し、あらゆるアートメイク施術を行っています。Anna Karaさんのインタビュー、ぜひご覧ください!


Anna Kara

・#1 American PMU Artist
・Author and developer of the unique Realistic Nano Hair Strokes technique
・The founder of Anna Kara’s Beauty PMU Studio
・New PMU co-founder
She values both family and work and likes to travel to the beach with her family on holidays.


・アメリカPMUアーティスト 1位
・Realistic Nano Hairstrokes技術を開発
・Anna Kara’s Beauty PMU Studioを設立
・New PMUを共同設立

Dreams that came true after overcoming many difficulties

Next in PMU(以下、NP):What made you interested in Permanent Makeup and how did you begin your career in this industry? 

Anna:14 years ago, I worked on local TV in Ukraine, had to look bright, and decided to try permanent makeup for my lips. Since then, I fell in love with this procedure and realized I would definitely become a permanent makeup artist. 

But I had to finish medical college and work at the hospital for several years, so my dream has moved back for 4 years. 

I did not give up and learned the correction of eyebrows. When I realized that I absolutely wanted to do permanent makeup, I almost left work in the hospital and went to study at the permanent makeup school. This process took me 3 months. 

Gradually, step by step, I practiced, I learned tons of information, and after a couple of years, I opened my own permanent makeup studio.

A couple of years later, my husband was offered a job in America. But I faced difficulties again: I did not speak English, so I had to spend a year at school. I really missed my job, but the discouragement is not mine, so I never stopped practicing on latex mats. 

In April 2017, having learned English, I opened a business here in San Diego and I am delighted to emphasize the beauty of millions of women in the USA.

Later, in 2020, I co-founded a new Studio & Academy of permanent makeup called New PMU. We opened the Academy 2 days before the Covid lockdown, but our business survived because we never stopped believing and never gave up.








その後、2020年にNew PMUという新しいスタジオとアートメイクアカデミーを同時オープンしました。新型コロナウイルスによってロックダウンする2日前にアカデミーを開校しましたが、私たちは信じ続け、諦めなかったのでビジネスは存続できました。

What does Permanent Makeup mean to you?

NP:What does Permanent Makeup mean to you?

Anna:PMU is my life: it is my inspiration, my dream job, and my everyday happiness. I love helping people. I was born to make this world more beautiful.


Areas of Expertise

NP:What is your main focus of treatment?

Anna:I focus on Realistic Nano Hairstrokes (this is a super natural technique I developed by myself). I do it free of charge for clients with Alopecia.

But of course, I can do different techniques and effects:
• BB Glow
• Microneedling Treatment
• Combo technique (Shading + Realistic Nano Hairstrokes)
• Powder / Ombré Eyebrows
• Old Tattoo Removal
• Brow Lamination & Tinting Combo
• Lash Enhancement
• Classic Eyeliner
• Shaded Eyeliner
• Bottom Eyeliner
• Lip Blush technique
• Full Lips technique
• 3D Lip technique
• Aquarelle lips
• Teeth Whitening
• 3D Areola Tattoo
• Mole
• Scar Camouflage
• Scalp Micropigmentation
My client is a person who wants to enhance his beauty with natural-looking permanent makeup.


Realistic Nano Hairstrokesに力を入れています。これは独自で開発したとても自然に仕上がるテクニックです。脱毛症のクライアントには無料で施術しています。

• BB Glow
• マイクロニードルトリートメント
• 同時技術(シェーディング+Realistic Nano Hairstrokes)
• パウダー / オンブレ アイブロウ
• 古いタトゥー除去
• ブロウラミネーション & ティントコンボ
• まつげの改善
• クラシックアイライナー
• シェーディング アイライナー
• 目尻アイライナー
• リップ ブラッシュ テクニック
• フル リップス テクニック
• 3D リップ テクニック
• アクアレルの唇
• 歯のホワイトニング
• 乳輪の3Dタトゥー
• ほくろ
• 頭皮の微小色素沈着

Developing along with the industry 

NP:What are your future prospects for your career as a PMU artist?

Anna:PMU industry never stops developing. New trendy techniques keep appearing. My career keeps developing: I learn new techniques, I teach students, and I record online courses for people passionate about PMU all over the world.


Don't be afraid and take the first step to challenge yourself!

NP:Can you give a message to young artists to further develop their role within the PMU industry?

Anna:Don’t be afraid to start. If you have doubts: it’s OK. You have worried: it’s OK. I am here to help you fight all your fears. You need to make your first step. You can do it!


NP: Thank you very much Anna for your encouraging message for many young artists out there. Sometimes all we need is a little push to make the first step. 



Message to Japanese PMU Artists

NP:As a final note, please leave a message for PMU artists in Japan!

Anna:Hello, dear colleagues! I am so happy to meet you and to be able to share my experience with you. I love your country, and one of my dreams is to exchange our experience in Japan🤩


Thank you so much for joining us today! We look forward to your continued success in the future!