【Artist Interview】Ms. Andrea Org

Today’s interview features Andrea Ong, a PMU artist from Malaysia who is also actively involved in Asia! She is known for improving dark lips on Asian skin and a leader in the Malaysian PMU industry! Continue to read below to learn more about Ms. Andrea! 

みなさん、今日はなんとアジアで活躍するマレーシア出身のPMUアーティスト、Andrea Ongさんのインタビュー記事を公開します!アジア人肌のダークリップの改善技術を専門とし、マレーシアのPMU業界をリードするAndreaさんのインタビュー、ぜひご覧ください!


Andrea Ong

Andrea has been in the industry for 7 years specializing in the Dark Lip Neutralization technique for Asian skin. Master Artist of Evenflo , International speaker of PMU convention and educator, ambassador for Malaysia. In her spare time, she is a very active artist who rides her superbike and spends time with her dog and family.


What made you interested in PMU?

Next in PMU(以下、NP):What made you interested in Permanent Makeup and how did you begin your career in this industry? 

Andrea:My love for make up as an art form.

What does Permanent Makeup mean to you?

NP:What does Permanent Makeup mean to you?

Andrea:Permenant makeup means much more than just a pair of eyebrows or lips, I see it as transforming lives one face at a time that anyone that sets their mind to it can also do it. So many opportunities available.

NP:It truly does! By changing their physical appearance, their thoughts and image about themselves change as they become more confident, which is already a big step in changing someone’s life! 


Areas of Expertise

NP:What is your main focus of treatment?

Andrea:Dark Lip Neutralization

Future Prospects

NP:What are your future prospects for your career as a PMU artist?

Andrea:I aspire to bring Malaysia to international level & introduce new technology to the community.

NP: We would love to see your growth and see what you will bring to the world!  


Investing in quality training leads to quality work

NP:Can you give a message to young artists to further develop their role within the PMU industry?

Andrea:Invest in quality training, find a great mentor. PMU industry is one of the hardest industry to go into, keep trying & one day you will master the art.

NP:Indeed, we learn best when we learn from the best! Despite the competitive environment, it’s amazing to see the mentorship between beginner artists and experienced artists! And as beginner artists become experienced themselves, this shows the support that occurs in the PMU community! 


Message to Japanese PMU Artists

NP:As a final note, please leave a message for PMU artists in Japan!

Andrea:Thank you so much for having me, it is an honour to be here. To all my fellow artist, I wish you so much blessing, keep trying, I am always available to ask questions and keep in touch! Let’s share our knowledge & grow together.

Thank you so much for joining us today! We look forward to your continued success in the future!