【Artist Interview】Ms. Hong Anh

今日はオーストラリア出身のPMUアーティストであるHong Anhさんを紹介します。メイクアップアーティストからPMUアーティストになり、今でも基礎をとても大事にしながら大活躍しています。ぜひ記事をご覧ください。


Hong Anh

ABACTA – ベストアイライナーアーティスト2021、ベストリップアーティスト2021、ベストアイライナー2022、ベストナノヘアトーク2022、NPアカデミーインターナショナルトレーナーなど数々の受賞歴をもつPMUアーティスト。















Next in PMU:本当におっしゃる通り、まずは時間をかけて基礎をマスターしたいですね。基礎を積み重ねることが上達につながり、業界でやりがいをもって働くことができると思います。


English ver.

Today we present Hong Anh, a PMU artist from Australia. She is a makeup artist turned PMU artist and is very active while taking very good care of the basics. Please take a look at the article.


Hong Anh

ABACTA – best eyeliner artist 2021, best lip artist 2021, best eyeliner 2022, best nano hairstoke 2022, NP Academy International Trainer 

Why did you decide to pursue this career?

Hong:My mother insist I learn it because I was a makeup artist, therefore she think I will be good at PMU.

What is a moment in your Permanent Makeup journey that was most memorable to you?

Hong:Being invited as a head trainer and speaker at the Australian PCC conference for PMU to share my knowledge and do live demo.

Areas of Expertise

Hong:I love everything about PMU! I Specialised in Lips, eyeliner, eyebrows and hair strokes. 

What do you think is the most important aspect in Permanent Makeup? Why?

Hong:The most important aspect to me right now in PMU is the importance of industry standards in PMU training. And to follow the direction to better and improve the industry.

What Does Permanent Makeup Mean to You?

Hong:PMU is like art to me, a form of art that can make changes in people’s lives, improve their daily self esteem, cut down time they need to get ready etc. I just love making everyone feel beautiful.

Future Prospects of your career as a PMU artist and the PMU industry

Hong:I want to provide the best quality training to my students, share the knowledge that I have learnt through the years and also help artists who still have been struggling to get started in the industry.

Message to Beginner Artists & Japanese PMU Artists

Hong:Spend time to master your basics before advancing to new skills. Take your time and never rush, always do your best!
I hope you will love this industry as much as I do! It’s an extremely rewarding industry that is continuously growing!

Next in PMU:I really want to take the time to master the basics first, as you say. I believe that building on the basics will lead to progress and a challenging career in the industry.

Thank you so much for joining us today, Hong! We look forward to your continuous success!